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The Usewood Log Master combines the customer's desires with the challenges of harvesting small wood. The forwarder is agile, delivering a 3 m3 load while saving the forest terrain. Eight traction wheels ensure reliable progress in demanding terrains, such as soft soils and slopes.

Log Master forwarder


The Usewood Log Master is completely hydraulically driven. Driving and working can be done simultaneously without adjusting the engine rpm or switching mechanical gears. Together with the frame steering, the rear bogie steering allows an extremely small turning radius with the rear wheels following the tracks made by the front wheels. Damage to the growing stock at the edges of the wheel tracks are minimal. The load can also be easily steered past stumps and stones. Thanks to it’s agility, The Usewood Log Master doesn’t require separate driving tracks to bring the logs out off the forest. It can drive on the same track as the harvester.


To enable the operator to work full days effectively, the cabin has to be ergonomic and comfortable. An air conditioned, rotating cabin provides an unmatched driving experience and the best possible visibility in all directions while loading and driving. The joysticks and the pedal are always where they should be, the wind-screen wiper keeps the wind-screen always clean, and the heater keeps the wind-screen from ever freezing. A separate, rotating cabin has other pros as well: Because the engine is in a separate module, the cabin is comfortably quiet. The air conditioning keeps the cabin cool even on the hottest days. With these features, the Usewood Log Master provides one of the best driving experiences among the small forwarders.

Electrically controlled hydraulics are easy and smooth to operate. It reduces the wearing of all the hinges and bolts, keeping the crane steady and accurate for longer, while at the same time making the driving more comfortable. Our own RECS control system is easy to use and configure. The operator can adjust the speed and smoothness of all movements to his or her liking, making the machine fit his driving style exactly.

The machine is compatible with all Usewood harvester attachments, such as the UW20 timber grabble, UW40 brushwood cutter and UW180S felling grapple.

  • Weight 2300 kg
  • Width 153 cm
  • Length 5.3 m
  • Ground distance 0.4 m
  • Speed 0-12 km/h
  • Cargo space 3 m3
  • Crane length 4.2 m, extension 0.6 m
  • Crane lifting capacity 350 kg
  • Hydraulic max pressure 200 bar
  • Rexroth hydraulics 0-100 l/min
  • LUDV load sensing hydraulic valves
  • Usewood RECS 12V control system
  • Electrically articulated steering
  • Hydraulic transmission
  • Rear bogie steering
  • Bogies, eight wheel drive
  • Kubota V1505T 33 kW (44 hp)
  • Fuel consumption 15-20 l / 8 h
  • Rotating safety cabin with AC
  • Powerful LED lights, 5 x 35 W, total of 175 W
  • Compatibility with all Usewood working tools