The UW180S Felling Grapple is the latest member of the Usewood felling grapple family.

UW180 hakkuukoura

The UW180S harvester head is specifically designed to fit all Usewood small forestry machines. It has a fast and reliable saw unit which is designed to cut stems up to 22 cm in diameter. The UW180S Felling Grapple has a high quality delimbing system, resulting in excellent delimbed timber. Energy- and firewood made by the UW180S Felling Grapple dries well because the feed rollers break the bark off the trunk. As an option, the UW180S Felling Grapple can also be equipped with a length and volume measurement system.


With small harvesters, efficiency is the key aspect. For a small machine to effectively cut and delimb trees, the power of the machine needs to be focused on the work as precisely as possible. The UW180S harvester head works as a part of the control system of the machine using it. The power and speed of the feeding wheels is adjusted automatically to delimb the trees at the optimal power, increasing speed in trees with small branches and increasing power in trees with big branches. This makes it possible to harvest relatively big trees at a low power and with a small fuel consumption. The UW180S is not just one harvester head among others. It's part of the machine using it.

Measurement system

The UW180S is equipped with a length and volume measurement system. It can measure the length of the log with an accuracy of 4 cm and the diameter of the log with an accuracy of 0.5 cm. From these, the harvester head calculates the volume of the logs cut during the day.

Technical specifications:

  • Cutting diameter¬†0-220 mm, chain saw
  • Fast roller feed delimbing, diameter 35-220 mm
  • Branch diameter 0-40 mm
  • Optional length and volume measurement
  • Hydraulic feed 0-100 l/min, 180 bar
  • Weight 220 kg