Powerful lighting ensures productive work

All of our forestry machines have five 35 W LED lights totalling a light intensity of 175 W. Although working in the dark is more demanding than working in sunlight, 175 W of lighting is more than necessary to work in a young forest. And best of all, all of it comes as a standard without any additional costs. And if this isn't enough for some reason, our control system supports a light intensity of up to 360 W by default.

In addition to work lights, our machines have an inner cabin light, a red alert light behind the machine and the option for a flashing beacon light. Setting the lights on or off can be done easily via the touchscreen display or the keypads, just as easily as controlling the crane or harvester head. The RECS control system also measures the electrical current flowing to the lights, detecting possible short circuits, protecting the system, and informing the user where the short circuit is. Maintaining or upgrading the machine is easy and cost effective.