Safety Cabin

Efficiency is not the only requirement of a good machine. It also has to be ergonomic and safe to use. These are our goals and they are something we are known for. Usewood was the first in the world to bring a sound-proof safety cabin with heating and air conditioning to small-scale forestry vehicles. By manufacturing and testing the cabins ourselves we can design our cabins to meet all expectations.

Comfort as a standard

A powerful heater keeps the cabin warm even in the cold of winter and the 3 kW compressor air conditioner makes sure that the cabin temperature stays cool in summer. Our own control system makes our machines top class in their operability, giving the operator freedom to adjust all parameters, such as the speed and acceleration of each movement, to his or her liking. Listening to the radio or your own music while charging your phone via a USB-connection makes for a peaceful environment, and the powerful lighting is sufficient for working even without sunlight. And the best thing: In the Usewood Log Master and Usewood Combi Master all controls stay in their positions, making it possible to work in two directions, thanks to the rotating cabin. The rotating cabin has proven it’s reliability for the past two years. Because we don't believe in complicated and difficult option pricing, all of this comes as standard in our machines.

Safety first

Even one accident is too many. Human life cannot be measured in money and compromises shouldn't be made in safety issues. All of our machines meet the CE standards. The cabins are FOPS and ROPS tested which ensures that the cabin will be safe even when the machine falls or rolls off a cliff.