Rising the value of the forest

The goal in wood production is to raise wood that is marketable and easy to sell. Timely forestry and cost-efficient methods bring income to the owner and, first and foremost, improve the growth conditions of your forest.

Tending to a seedling stand at the right time increases the productiveness of the first thinning and increases the dimensions of the growing stock throughout the rotation period. All of this can be done without overlooking values related to scenic, environmental, and recreational values.

Monetary yield

After timely tending to the seedling stand, energy wood can be cut from the forest in about 10 years. After energy wood has been thinned with a small machine, the forest remains at full density, so the next income-producing felling can be done in 5-10 years. The yield from the first thinning will be better than without energy logging, because the trees obtain room to grow and become larger after energy wood thinning. A successful seedling stand and management of a young forest require the use of efficient machines that are appropriate for the site.

Wide tracks can decrease the effective growing area of the forest by 20 %

Wide tracks can decrease the effective growing area of the forest by 20 % carrying out forestry and harvesting successfully. Our services ensure that the value of your forest grows and that all forestry measures in young forests and seedling stands are cost-effective.

Recreation and green values

Timely forestry measures in a young forest ensure the diversity of the forest. Even if your primary concern is the monetary yield of your forest, values associated with landscape management and recreational use can also be achieved. Our practices aim to ensure extensive and diversified recreational use of commercial forests as well. Tending to a young forest and seedling stand in ways that take green values into account enable broad and diverse use for tourism and recreation even in forestry areas. Hunting and picking berries and mushrooms are the most common forms of recreation.

No matter how you think of the value of your forest, we can help you to reach your target.